Brittany Dog Mix Labrador Retriever: Labany

The Labany dog breed may become one of the popular designer dogs in the world. A designer dog that tends to be a mix of two pure dog breeds is really popular among of people nowadays. It is created with a purpose to get different characteristics, temperaments, and personalities from two pure breeds. And it also occurs on the Labany dog breed. This cute name, Labany is the combination of two dogs breed, Labrador Retriever and Brittany since Labany is the result of mix breeding both of them. The Brittany Dog Mix Labrador Retriever that is also called as Labany actually a medium to the large sized dog. It is the type of smart, loyal, gentle and also high energy dog breed. As a working dog, Labany will be really loved and enjoy a lot of activities and jobs, such as jogging, tracking, agility, retrieving and even hunting. The fully grown Labany can stand between 17 and 24 inches and weighs 30 to 60 pounds. And about the appearance, Labany sometimes looks like Labrador or Brittany. When it looks like a Labrador, Labany has a wide head with a moderate stop and a wedged shaped medium head when it resembles Brittany Spaniel. This Brittany Dog Mix Labrador retriever commonly comes in black and white, dark and black, brown and white, brown, chocolate and cream. There is two type of coats of Labany dogs, single coat or double coat and both of them will need different grooming. For the single coat, we have to groom due to low shedding and for the double coat requires regular brushing once a week. It will be important for you to your Brittany Dog Mix Labrador Retriever or Labany to avoid excessive bathing. Just bath your Labany only they need it since it may dry out their skin and coat as well. The Labany dogs are similar with the other dogs breed that will need sufficient training, exercise and socialization in order to keep them always sweet, gentle, loyal and affectionate.

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