How a Crate Can Be an Essential Tool to Train Your Dog?

By: John Howes

Confining in a crate is not essential but is an extremely effective way to house train a dog. It needs much effort and patience. A crate not only will speed up the house training process, it will keep safe your dog whether you are at home or traveling. And it will give your pet its own place too. When to start house training is an important factor. If your dog is adult then it is OK. But, in case of puppy experts recommend that you can start training of your puppy when it is older than 12 weeks.

At first, introduce your dog to the crate in a positive manner. As a first step of training, you should make a regular routine for meal, potty break, exercise and play time etc. Give him meals at a scheduled time. And take away the food between meals so that he can understand the feeding time. Overfeeding may cause digestive problems. So it will be wise to break the feedings in small different meals. In case of choosing or changing his diet make sure that your dog likes it or agree with it.

All pets are individuals and their eliminating time may differ from each to other. But, dogs can control their bladder longer comparing to puppies. You should monitor at first their habits before setting up the schedule. According to your feeding schedule they will adopt very soon their corresponding elimination schedule. They may let you understand the need of toileting by sniffing the floor, circling, whining, or wandering away. You have to supervise your dog to understand his signals and teach him with proper guidelines.

Each time take your dog to the same spot for elimination and prevent them going to the wrong spot. It will help them to give up bad habits. Try to take him at a schedule potty time to that spot instead of when he likes so that it can be habituated with it. It may take time. But, consistent training will help him to adjust the schedule and for bladder or bowel control. When you will see that it wants to eliminate, don’t wait. Just take them to their potty spot immediately. Otherwise, they may lose control or mess up their bed or living area.

Try to praise and give them treat for every time eliminating in the right spot or for doing the right thing. It will inhibit them to adopt the right habits. If your dog has an accident, just clean it. Don’t punish or react angrily with him if he makes any mistake. It may make him frightened to you. If you ever find that he is making any mistake than make a loud sound or clap to startle him. A crate is the best place to house train your pet. But, don’t use it to punish them. Before buying a crate you should consider your pet size. A crate should be large enough so that he can stand up, lie down and move easily. But, it shouldn’t be too large so that he can use it to potty.

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