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Article/Post Topic Suggestions & Idea List

WINTER ISSUE: Articles due by November 15, 2016

  • Your Ultimutt Gift Guide
  • Easy-to-make Holiday Treats
  • Winter Proofing Your Dog’s Paws
  • Protect Your Dog from Winter Dog-Park Dangers

SPRING ISSUE: Articles due by February 15, 2017

  • Moving with Your Pets
  • Allergy Busters
  • Dog Birthday Party Ideas
  • On Your Vacation – Road Trip Tips
  • Love is in the Air – Which Breed is Your Best Match?

SUMMER ISSUE: Articles due by May 15, 2017

  • Last Minute Dog Friendly Vacation Ideas
  • 10 Fun Summer Ideas for You and Your Dog
  • Six Tips to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer
  • Wedding Bells – Include Your Dog in Your Big Day
  • Dog Friendly Beaches in Maine

FALL ISSUE: Articles due by August 15, 2017

  • DIY Halloween Dog Costumes
  • Cozy Cabin Retreats
  • Table Scraps – Celebrating Thanksgiving with Your Dog
  • 6 Fall Dog Events in Portland
  • Holiday Gift Guide
  • Top 5 Holiday Dangers to Pets

GENERIC ARTICLES: To be submitted for any seasonal issue

  • Raw Food – Is it Right for Your Dog?
  • Fostering 101
  • Good Dog! Annoying Behavioral Problems Solved
  • Food Allergies 101
  • Volunteer! 10 Ways to Help Shelter Dogs
  • Dogs + Babies
  • Dog Friendly “People” Food
  • Smart & Sensible Grooming Tips
  • Secrets to Good Canine Health
  • Rescue Me – Help Your Shelter Dog Adapt to his/her New Life
  • How to Read Your Dogs Tail
  • Protect Your Dog from Heartworms/Fleas/Etc.
  • How Do I Puppy-Proof My Home?
  • Grieving Your Pet
  • Choosing care for your dog(s) when you’re away
  • Choosing a vet
  • “Doggie Daycare”
  • Loving your dog(s)
  • Recipes for Dogs
  • Pet Companions – dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.
  • Why Neutering/Spaying your Dog is Important
  • Where to find affordable/lower cost dog shot clinics

SPECIAL SERIES: To be featured in every issue

  • Antics (reader write in)
  • Ability/Agility – Work outs for your pooch(es)
  • Budget Buys – Stuff your dog will love – Under $20
  • Books We Love
  • Nutrition
  • Ask the Vet
  • Meet the “Breed name here”
  • Adoptable Dogs
  • Local Scoops – Local Pet Friendly Stops
  • Ask The Trainer

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